Vote. Run. Lead.

Who We Are

We are a group of Tennesseans who understand feeling hopeless about the state of our current government. We understand because we feel it too.

While we may feel hopeless, we are not helpless.

A Message From Our Founder

By charting a new path forward we can rebuild our government to once again reflect the best of Tennessee.
By charting a new path forward we can rebuild our government to once again reflect the best of Tennessee.


Tennessee needs more reasonable representation. Without more commonsense lawmakers in office, our statehouse will remain locked in a bubble dominated by the fringes.

Our vision is a Tennessee government we can all be proud of again. This vision transcends political parties. It transcends policies.


The more we feel disillusioned and disengaged, the more we don’t do the two things that will actually restore faith in our government.

We don’t vote and we don’t run for office.

We don’t vote because it seems there’s no one to vote for, and we don’t run because it feels impossible to win.

Our mission is simple — to break this cycle.

How do we do this?

First, we accept two truths about Tennessee’s political landscape, both of which created and continue to sustain this cycle.


We live in a culture of hyperpolarized politics that drives away those in the middle.


We lack competition in our elections.

Next, we build a strategy that can succeed despite these challenges.


We promote new conversations around politics to shift the culture away from toxic rigidity in ways that appeal to the frustrated majority.


Focusing our initial efforts on primary elections, we drive competition by supporting candidates committed to strong leadership.


Beginning in 2025, we will also cultivate competition in districts throughout the state, working directly with communities to identity and recruit strong leaders to run for office.

The result is the election and re-election of courageous leaders committed to advancing thoughtful, commonsense solutions.


Our government is neither self-sustaining nor structurally self-correcting. The responsibility for the future of Tennessee rests not in the hands of lawmakers, but in the hands of the citizens who hold the power to elect them.

In that vein, we are guided by the words of the late President John F. Kennedy: Let us not despair but act. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”



Best of
Tennessee Inc.

Our 501(c)(4) Nonprofit Corporation will foster a more robust statewide electorate by directly engaging Tennesseans who are disillusioned and disenfranchised by today’s politics.


Best of Tennessee
Action Fund

Our Super PAC will use independent expenditures to support commonsense candidates who are capable of more thoughtful leadership, while also defending reasonable officeholders who have the courage to represent the majority of their constituents, not just the fringes.


Best of Tennessee
Victory Fund

Our Political Action Committee will assist constituencies in electing representatives who act in the interest of their community.

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