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Shifting The Culture

We live in a culture defined by the hyperpolarization of politics. This means that conversations around issues are often dominated by those with the most rigid positions.

While we’ve always had disagreements between parties, our cultural shift has created a situation where many Tennesseans feel driven out of politics. Folks just don’t want to engage with a system that feels so utterly unproductive and hateful. We get it.

However, this precise group of people — those who feel disenfranchised by the entire process — are perhaps the most important group to mobilize if we have any hope for a better future.

Why? Because they are the majority.

While they may not be the loudest voices, make no mistake — they are the most numerous. Our first order of business is bringing this group back to the table.

To do that, we are engaging in an aggressive and sustained effort to shift the culture itself.

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